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The only CC option available is to make changes to a existing CC - Since the start of the New Companies Act on 1 May 2011 no more new CC's can be registered. Changes to existing CC can however still be done.

For changes to an existing CC, you will need to fill in the CK2 Questionaire and Power of Attorney form.

Click HERE to fill in the questionaire. You will also need to print the Special Power of Attorney form and post it to us.

The aquisition of Close Corporation and Company registrations are subject to payments, before we can process your registration. Please click HERE for our banking details, please fax us your deposit slip to (012) 379 7961.

Please note that the total shares of the members must equal 100%.

Also note that 33.33% for each member is not allowed

Changes to Close Corporations:

With the aquisition of a shelf CC, you will be able to trade and use the name, you may however not be able to open a bank account untill you are the Member on the shelf CC

For a list of available Shelf CC Names that we have in stock, enter your details below and we will e-mail you a list of available shelf CC's

Telephone number
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Changes to a Shelf CC can be made in the following regards: